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St.Niklas - Cool

Client: TNGS/St.Niklas

Director: Petter Tangmyr

Vfx supervisor: Marius A. Jacobsen

Task: Vfx Post-production

This music video is Shot,produced and directed in Los-Angeles by Petter Tangmyr. We produced vfx and post-production.

*One of the shots we worked on, showing a typical before and after situation.

Behind the scenes

Other than grade and online of the video, we had to do one vfx scene. We planed the effect some weeks in advance to make St.Niklas deflate like a balloon as he lays on the bed. We used a combination of 3D morph-animation and compositing to complete the shot.

We use Blackmagic's Davinci Resolve to grade, color correct and beauty fixes.

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