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Gabrille - Mer

Client: Gabrielle/Hocus Focus

Director: Kristoffer Klunk

Artist: Marius A. Jacobsen & Nils Arne Brekke

Task: Idea,concept & 3D design

We where invited by Kristoffer Klunk and Hocus focus to be a part of Gabrielle`s new music video in the format of a short film. And was challenged to come up with a interesting twist to the concept.


The idea was to address the intense consumerist world we live in, and the result of maybe hundreds of years in to the future in a post-apocalyptic feel.


We wanted something large and something visually exiting, and came up with the idea where there is these big floating industrial ships/plants. Flying or floating around producing products or materialism. Even if the human crews on them maybe vanished decades ago. 


The "heroes" (and maybe the remaining humanity even.) seems to have dedicated their whole existence to just keep collecting this debris as it would be a part of being human.

*Behind the scenes with directors commentary (in Norwegian)

Behind the scenes

So we went into our minds and suggested that it could be this big industrial ships/plants, that floats around dropping debris as they grow old, unstable and rusty. And to make them feel even older we would make them overgrown by plants and trees as a result of decades of continuing idle drift.

The design process started with some quick concept artwork on the Ipad, and continued to develop the concept in 3Ds Max.

After getting it where everyone was happy, we added textures and additional details, like plants,trees and so forth.


The ship is introduced multiple times in different settings through the story.


Technical info:  Ship:13,188,1316 Polys. Softwares: 3Ds Max,Vray,Grow Ivy,Xfrog,Photoshop,Pftrack,nukeX

*Turntable of the ship, showing a typical breakdown of some of the layers used to comp the final image.

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