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Client: Qvisten

Director: Rasmus A Sivertsen

Artist: Marius A. Jacobsen

Task: Compositing

We where hired by Qvisten animasjon AS to help out with finalizing and compositing of more than 80 shots for this nostalgic and magical adventure.

One of Steamheads first projects was Louis & Luca - The Big Cheese Race (Solan og Ludvig - Herfra til Flåklypa)


Coming to theaters 01.12.16

*One of the shots we worked on, showing a typical before and after situation.

Behind the scenes

As a compositor we take the "Raw" image or video and remove unwanted elements and/or add Cg elements to form a completed image in the directors vision.


We use The foundry`s NukeX for our high end composites as well as after effects in most of our work.

(Left image) Was comped by removing bluescreen and adding a continuing forest behind the fox and the exiting forest. 

As this is a stop motion production we often encounter set-shifts and rigs that needs to be removed and fixed for final image. Its often in comp the real magic happens.

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