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Client: Ikea/Standart

Produced by: Miriam Eeg Pedersen

Director: Johan Perjus


Vfx supervisor: Marius A. Jacobsen 

Artist: Nils Arne Brekke


Task: 3D/Graphics

When we think of Sweden we often think of Ikea and Volvo. Standart produced a series of beautiful films for Ikea with director Johan Perjus.

We delivered 3D and animations graphics. Post-production was done by our friends at Hocus Focus.

Behind the scenes

We applied on-set supervising the shoot as it needed 3D tracking to integrate the text elements.


The idea was to let the text be affected by the surroundings as the kids flew by and made wind interact with the text in one scene.


Another text was floating over a chair, and suddenly a sock is thrown over it and the text change from chair to a "hanger" and back to chair again when the "parent" picks it up again. 

*One of the shots we worked on, showing a typical before and after situation.

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