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Client: Bläck Studios/Gimpville

Director: Koan HuiVernie Yeung

Artist: Marius A. Jacobsen

Task: Compositing

We where hired by Gimpville to help out finalizing and compositing this crazy, visual, magical and one of China's most famous ancient legends now made into a this film adventure.

Other involved studios:

Azure VFX
Dexter Studios
Mokko Studio
Tippet Studio

*One of the shots we worked on, showing a typical before and after situation.

Behind the scenes

As a compositor we take the "Raw" image or video and remove unwanted elements and/or add Cg elements to form a completed image in the directors vision.


We use The foundry`s NukeX for our high end composites.

(Left image) Was comped by removing green screen and adding an ocean and environmental such as a starry sky.

Most of the sequences we was working on was using fully CG environments made by Gimpville, as well as comping in additional characters interacting with the real actors.

*Awesome breakdown of the work we did working with Gimpville. (Breakdown done by Gimpville)

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