Manhattan Mascara

Client: TwinFilm Group/COTY Germany GmbH

Director: Joon Brandt

Agency: Werbewelt AG, Stuttgart


On-set vfx supervisor: Marius A. Jacobsen

Artist: Marius A. Jacobsen & Nils Arne Brekke


Task: Idea, Manus,Storyboards,conceptart, 3D and Vfx.

We where invited by director Joon Brandt to come up with some ideas and concepts for a new stylistic commercial for TwinFilm Munich and Werbewelt AG. We had some rounds dropping ideas like it was hot, and later presented a complete idea, concept and storyboard. Then a couple of weeks later we went to Berlin, Germany for the shoot.

Behind the scenes

The visuals is broken into two parts as we delivered the 3D "package" of the product and background art. as well as the vfx stripes and pillars bending behind the "heroines"

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