It’s Your Journey: The New Volvo V40

Client: Volvo cars/Edithouse

Produced by: Edithouse Film Works

Director: Niclas Bergman


Artist: Marius A. Jacobsen 


Task: Compositing and consultation and assist with 3D matchmove

When we think of Sweden we often think of Ikea and Volvo. Edithouse Film Works produced this beautiful film for Volvo with director Niclas Bergman.

We helped with consulting of tracking techniques and compositing of the final shots.

Behind the scenes

Link to the breakdown of the film can be found here: Link (Made by Edithouse Film Works)

We was contacted by EFW. To assist with 3D tracking and matchmove consultation for their artists. Our Vfx supervisor Marius Jacobsen went down to Gothenburg, Sweden to meet and hold a 2 day course of Pixelfarm`s Pftrack.

Later we was asked if we could help out with compositing and finalizing of the commercial that later won gold at World media Festival 2016.

*Examples of the shots we worked on, showing a typical before and after situation.

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